【The Great Merchant】What to do if equipped with Bonggiboo but unable to use weapon skills


※Translated article by DeepL.

I equipped Feiyan with Jaryong (Lv 180) which allows him to use Ice Wall, then transferred to Trebuchet and equipped him with Bonggiboo, but for some reason he could not use Ice Wall.

The reason for not being able to use the skill is that the “Ice Wall skill icon is not displayed”, so the skill cannot be selected and cannot be used.

The solution is to change the shortcut keys for the skills in Game Setting, and by Initialize there, the Ice Wall icon appears.


1,Select Game Setting from the System Menu.

2,Select Set for Set Shortcuts

3,Select Initialize in the upper right corner.

4,Select OK in the dialog

The skill placement will be initialized, but the ice wall icon will now appear.


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